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Jens from Copenhagen

Thanks Jean-Marc,

It has been some good years for us - your readers. Wish you a lot of success and happiness with Mas des Brun and Caroline and Thomas the same with Domaine Rouge-Bleu. Hope to see all the four of you next summer.

Cheers from Denmark!


Onwards and upwards, you two! I hope to enjoy some Rouge-Bleu over the holidays, still saving my bottles of Lunatique for a special occasion and special someone to share it with, and looking forward to the first degustations at Mas des Brun. Many Bacchus bless you with many fine millesimes. xx cathy, malaucene

Robert Misen

We'd love to have more information on the November cruise. Good luck to you on your new adventure.

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Thanks for your wishes
Robert : Please contact Susan (Kristi's best friend) at Susan@criticschoicevacations.com regarding the Seine cruise
Merry Christmas


Dear Jean-Marc,
We had hope to see you last Fall when we were spending our annual month in Maussane, but you had already relocated. Hope to get to visit your new vineyard next September. In the meantime, I know that you and Kristi have alot of hard work ahead of you, but right now I just wanted to send you seasons greetings, and our best wishes for success with your new venture.


Joyeux Noël, mes Amis!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you in Houston in March!!!! Until then, profite bien!!!!!!!!!

Suzanne in New Jersey

Joyeux Noel Jean-Marc and Kristin. Bonne Chance for the new vineyard and to Caroline and Thomas. We popped a 2008 Mistral for an Italian feast we prepared for family and friends on the 23rd. Everyone loved the Mistral.


Thanks for the memories and experience.....I will now officially retire my cutters......
Cheers (Charles)

Pat Cargill

Best wishes to you and Kristi, John-Marc on your new wine venture and continued success to Caroline and Thomas at Rouge-Bleu. Opening my last bottle of R-B wine ce soir! Cheers!

Vince DeKime

Dear Jean-Marc & Kristi,

That was a wonderful handoff to Caroline and Thomas and I have no doubt that Rouge-Bleu will continue in its upward trajectory towards quality. I feel a real connection with the property and am so happy that you're leaving it in such capable hands. At the same time I am share your excitement for your new Bandol adventure with Mas des Brun. Congratulations to all!


Bret Bannon

Joyeux Noël, mes amis. Hope to see you in March here in Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

Nanci Olesen

Hi Jean Marc,

It has been enjoyable reading this blog. I now have a daughter living in Rennes. Although it is far from where you are, getting to France is something that I will do more often now.
Best of luck in your new venture!

Nanci Olesen,
Friend of Jeff Mitchell and Proteus International

Miriam Zenteno Vildosola

Very Very nice to know that you are doing so well
Hope to see you soon!!
Miriam Vildosola
(You guide us in Provence in2007)

orard annemarie ( ex delarue)

bonne année à tous - santé et sagesse - affection



Dear Jean Marc,
The best in the New Year with your New Mas and dreams of a New Cave.
I am here in San Francisco: will you be coming to the Bay area in March? Would like to meet you and your wines.

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