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Glenn from St. Paul

Félicitations, Jean-Marc. J'espère que nous vous verrons de nouveau ce printemps aux États-Unis. Et aussi, bravo à Kristen à propos de la publication de son livre. J'en ai déjà acheté un comme cadeau pour ma femme. Joyeux Noël à toute votre famille.

Susan Boehnstedt

You have come a long way baby! So proud of you.
Much love, XOXO

Frank Levin

Thank you very much for these stories.
We wish you the best in everything in the coming seasons.
We have two bottles from your first year layed down. Is it time to drink them yet?

Chief Grape

Thanks all for your wishes
Frank : If that is Dentelle, you might consider drinking them soon now. If that is Mistral, they can wait...
Joyeux Noel,

Voie de Vie

Joyeux Noel, Jean-Marc! Thanks for the winey recap ... and "moody" decisions can be the best kind. :)

Kip Ingham


Congratulations at the end of another good year. Those old vines keep producing and you keep making great wines. We look forward to visiting you in May...save some wine for us!

Susan Carter

Happy Christmas to you & your family and your vines & wines.

Roger Anderson

Bonjour Jean Marc,

Kristi and I have exchanged emails from time to time about Nikon cameras, photography and Smokey and his injuries. My wife and I live near Detroit, Michigan and would like to try some of your wines and particularly for me, a Rose. However when I search your sources in the U.S. I am not able to locate one in our part of the country that sells where we could go and buy them and I have not been successful in finding an online source from which to order. I am just wondering whether you might know of a dealer you can suggest I research to place an order for shipping to us. Thank you for your consideration for me and Joyeux Noel!


Tim Averill

My Lunatique and my Mistrals are awaiting are awaiting a special occasion to be lifted out of the cellar and released. Perhaps when you come to Massachusetts. Kristin's "Blossoming in Provence" was opened upon arrival and devoured last night.

Paul Guerin

A very merry NOEL to Chief Grape and the bunch and all the diVINE wine produced by the not too sweet not to dry famile Espinasse!
Paul and Jean Guerin

Phyllis & Tim

Joyeux Noël from Houston, TX Love the wines and the photos. So proud to represent you. Can't wait to see the book.

Kate Dawson-Taylor

Well done Jean-Marc.
It has been wonderful to know how you and Kristin have followed your dream.
Many congratulations to famille Espinasse for ALL that is entailed in the nurture of nature to produce not only wonderful wine from little grapes,but a great supportive family unit,not only in St Cecile-des -Vignes but your wider world family.
David,Kate,Amanda ,and Nordine send all best wishes for the family and grape harvest 2012.

Eileen deCamp

Joyeux Noël from Charlottesville, VA! I love the Mistral and I would like to try the Lunatique because I love the name. I will drink some with Kristi's new book.
Congratulations to you both!

A Hopwood

Jean Marc,
This was a great post! I enjoy reading everything that goes into the wine, even the name, almost as much as I enjoy drinking it. My grandmother always says the key to good food is the love that you put into it....I think the same is true for wine and I can taste the "love" that you put into Rouge-Bleu! Thank you for helping my friend, Mitzy, find your wines. She surprised me with a couple of bottles....a lovely and appreciated gift!
I can't wait to try the Lunatique.

Neil and Diana Goldschimidt

Kristin, Jean-Marc and wonderful children: Joyeux Noel and a great new year, Diana and I wish for the four of you. Neil's 97 year old mother has come to live with us, thus our lives are a little up side down and very busy. One of us is hoping to come to Provence for the last two weeks in January and if this happens we would be at least 50% happy, if that person could see you all.

We are so proud of what the Espinasse family has achieved. Your "agent in place" in Portland continues to place your wines in many fine restaurants and retail wine establishments. We continue to drink them as our favorite house wine for us and our friends and guests.

All of our love and best wishes for 2012. Neil and Diana

Louis Plauche'

Your photo looks like a Cezanne painting. I can't wait to taste your wines in France. Hurry Mai!

Chief Grape

Thanks all of you for your kind words. They feed my will to keep up with this beautiful venture which is also very demanding.
Happy New Year !

Guinevere White

Bon nuit de Santa Fe, New Mexico. Congrats on your latest vintage. I would love to try one of your fantastic wines (Lunatique perhaps?), but I cannot seem to find a single place in New Mexico that carries your label. Any chance you'll be adding a retailer in NM? FYI, Southern Wine and Spirits distributes locally, and Santa Fe (where I live) is a hugely popular destination for anyone interested in wine and culinary delights. I'd love to see you and your wines here! Merci...bon chance!

Tom Fiorina

Thanks for sharing those personal insights about your wines. I also appreciated your New Year best wishes. Your wife Kristin's new book sounds like a good read, and I will put it on my 2012 reading list. I look forward to future newsletters from you, and I hope that our paths will cross again soon--perhaps at Vinisud??? Best regards, and good health and prosperity to you and your family in the coming year.

Chief Grape

Guinevere, NM is actually on my list ! I know an importer named Fiasco Wines and I plan to try to meet with them when I am in the area next Spring. In the meantime, our good friend, wine importer and business partner Tim Smith imports our wines in TX and hopefully he can ship some wines to NM. His email is tms@frenchcountrywines.com so don't hesitate to contact him.

Tom : I will be at Vinisud for a off tasting at Chateau de Flaugergues (http://a-la-recherche-du-vin.typepad.com/HLV.jpg). Hope to see you then.

Bonne année à tous,

Rob Feckler

Those wines can definitely be a nice gift to someone on a special day, or a drink to share with your friends and loved ones on any special occasion. Among those, my favorite would be the Mistral red. I just like how that full and matured flavor of wine can create that warm feeling inside your stomach.

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