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Voie de Vie

Congratulations on yet another harvest! And good on you for getting another special Lunatique bottling. It takes a lot of heart and soul to produce wine on one's own. I have no doubt your patience will be rewarded with another wonderful vintage.

Now if only we could have picked at night two years ago ... :)

Susan Boehnstedt

Perhaps next year!!! Looks like a blast and some gorgeous colored grapes! Cannot wait to taste the next RB!!! Love, RB

Frank Levin

Here in the Columbia River Gorge the harvest is not quite full speed. The growers are hoping to beat the frost to their grapes. So far the weather is staying warm at night with just a bit of rain.


Congratulations!!! Really enjoyed viewing all the action - bittersweet to say the least :) Was it 5 yrs ago now since I found you on the internet looking for a tour?

Can't wait to taste the new vintages! Hoping all has been well with everyone XOXOXO

P.S. yes, I agree, if only we could have had an evening 'pick' last year ... :)

jim Kachik

Congratulations from Oakland, I'm REALLY eager for the Lunatique! Good health to all of you.
Jim and Barabra, Oakland, CA

Marianne Rankin

Congratulations on completing the harvest in spite of setbacks, and for your outstanding wine awards!

I watched the wine videos, and also the one of Max jumping. Perhaps we can hear more about that sometime?

Pat, Roanoke, Va

Congratulations on successful harvest & recognition for your wines. Look forward to more Domaine R-B in 2012!

Natalie Shaby

Well done Jean Marc!! Congratulations on your 5th harvesting of very special grapes after a summer of unusual weather! We are excited to taste the future product!

cj warley

I've been thinking about you folks for many days now, wondering how the vendange went. Thank you for sending out your news!
I'm excited to taste the new millesime, and may I put in my order now for a case of Lunatique? Still guarding the one bottle I saved for myself, trying to decide who'll be the lucky one to share it with me. I had hoped to hang onto some of the 2009 Mistral, but I had a group of thirsty Australians staying for three weeks this summer. :-(
Hope you can escape for a vacation soon -- you all deserve it! Hugs all round! -- Cathy


Congratulations on your 5th harvesting and on your fantastic ranking of your wines. You are a true craftsman of wine.


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