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Voie de Vie

It definitely does take a lot of beer to make wine ... and also a lot of maturing rosé!

I am certain you will assemble a great team again this year.


Nan Morrissette

Dear Jean-Marc,

Thanks to the generous hearts (and pouring arms) of Charles McGrath and his Princess Martha, we were introduced to your AMAZING new wine, "Lunatique!" It is extraordinary and delicious. We immediately ordered three bottles (all we could get) and plan to share it with only the most special people we know, especially Charles and Martha.

One of these days we will meet and be able to say "Thank You" in person for your lovely wines, and "Thank You" to Kristen for her inspirational writing and spirit.

Until then, Peace

Nan and Tom Morrissette
Dunnellon, Florida

Marianne Rankin

As always, folks who drink wine may not realize all the time and effort that goes into making it. It will remain a manual operation to a considerable degree, which is good - I don't think "automated" wine would be half as good.

It's amazing that the kind of soil in the picture, which looks as though it wouldn't be good for much, can produce such fine wines. The human element is what brings about the transformation.

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Dear Denise,
The 2009 vintage team is one of the Best we had. Thanks for having been part of it
Dear Nan,
I am sure the time will come soo. Thanks for your kind words
Dear Marianne,
You are right, wine is human
Cheers to all,

Suzanne, Monroe Twp., NJ

Congratulations on the Wine Spectator ratings for the 09 Mistral and Dentelle!

Pat Cargill

Thanks for the update. The baby vines look so sweet and brave growing out of the harsh-looking soil which would seem not to support such growth! Beautiful. We have enjoyed your wines we purchased in D.C. this March. Bon chance w/the new season.


Since we cannot get your wines in Connecticut, we are letting that the ones we brought back from our visit with you reach maturity. We'll look forward to another visit and more wine. Bon chance with this years harvest.

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