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Voie de Vie

Lunatique is here! I cannot wait to taste it. Please, please, please make certain you tuck a few bottles away for the vendagers who aided in its inspiration. :)

Here's to a great start in the New Year.

All the best!

Margaret Dennis

Love the name Lunatique! We hope to see you in Asheville.

Katie Dyer

Looking forward to seeing you in NYC!

Caroline Scott

Oh, Jean-Marc, I am dying to sample this wine (as is Elena). Elena regaled me with stories of tasting the juice, which she swears is the best she has ever tasted, so I can't wait to try the finished product! We are trying to make arrangements to meet you in New York City for that tasting. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Peter Lampen

I am excited by all the projects you describe. The Etna project is especially intriguing and I look forward to the results. How long will you hold it in barrel before bottling and release? Is there sufficient quantity for export to US? Is it 100% Nerello Mascalese?
Also anticipating with pleasure the arrival of the Lunatique.
Hope to see you in March.

Debbie & Richard

Great name - Lunatique! Conjurs up many interesting images of how great the wine will be. We hope to see you in Los Angeles this year.

Tim Averill

I wish you were making a stop in Boston, since we are the home of the Lunatiques des E-U's.

Marianne Rankin

I'm looking forward to the gathering in D.C. I hope to sample Lunatique even if there aren't enough bottles to buy one. Will the Rosso-Azzurro be ready?. Perhaps I can purchase some rose. I hope there will be a dinner, but in any case, meeting you again, along with other fans of your wine and the French-Word-A-Day, will be an enjoyable event, as it was last year.

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Thanks guys for the messages.
I will post soon the details of my trip and plan to have some Lunatique with me. It will take a little time for our importers to bring it. I am sure they will but the price kind of scares them...until, I think, they try it.
Sorry for Boston Tim... I have not found anybody interested in our wines (and I did offer to a couple guys). I can't go to a place where I have no distribution whenever I have no time to go to some places where we do have some distribution...
Thanks for your support, it really feels good.

Suzanne Dennis

Ah, I will be out of town when you are in New York City in March. However, I will be in DC so I can see you at the tasting there. Can't wait to hear the details and taste Lunatique!

Joyce Minosh

No Boston again this year? I was hoping it would work out, I guess I'll have to go to NYC. Love the name of the new wine...very creative. Bringing a group to France in May, but only to the Nice area...sorry to miss seeing you. Joyce, Westford Connect.

Jens from Copenhagen

Well, Jean-Marc, what is the price (here in Europe) of 'Lunatique'? After having tasted the wine from the barrique last summer, I really hope you keep some bottles for us coming to Domaine Rouge-Bleu.


I agree with the post by Jens from Copenhagen, 'where is the Linatique' for the Europe folk, we are in the Charente any outlets s'il vous plait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just love your site it's fab

Linda Meier

Yay, you must have found a distributor in Seattle. Have you on our calendar and look forward to details.

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