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Bravo et mille mercis Jean-Marc! Beaucoup de travail, mais le produit est super merveilleux. Cheers!

Marge Illich

Jean-Marc....Great video....hopefully I can find a bottle of your wine in the Chicago area. I don't know how you get your hands clean again, but my finger tips always turn noir when I eat artichokes. It is embarrassing as I feel dirty and hate the look of dirty hands. I tried all sorts of bleaches and chemicals to whiten them....and they remained black. The color just lasted for days ...even weeks (I keep eating artichokes). However, one day by sheer accident, I peeled a grapefruit for breakfast and while eating it surprisingly saw my fingers turning back to their normal color. Hope it works on wine as well.

Joan B.

That was very interesting and informative. Merci !

Dave Kapsiak


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