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Jens, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi Jean-Marc,

Thanks for some very informative videos and a nice summer to you, too.

When in Sicily, I think you should take the time to visit the following domaine - Cos - where I spent a few hours in October 2007: http://www.cosvittoria.it/

They follow your philosophy in winemaking and besides experiment with amphoras for fermentation (just like the Virets in St. Maurice s/Eygues).

Jens, Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi Jean-Marc,

Have just found a link to the wine fermented in amphoras, I was mentioning in my earlier comment:


Tim Stevens

Beautiful presentation through the short videos of your glorious wine environment. Thanks to you, Jean-Marc and Kristin, for sharing insights into what you do. Please send us more!

Sandy Maberly

Enjoyed the post and videos. I'm really excited about joining this year's harvest. I'm feeling good, getting fit, eating right and will be in fine form come September. see you all soon!

joie  carmel,ca

Your wines need to make it down to my area. Monterey county , California. There are several good wine shops in the area and quite a few French restaurants. The area is quite wine savy. Even more locally there are several small wineries in Carmel Valley. Always room for new wines.

Marianne Rankin

Very interesting videos! I'd be pleased to watch more any time.

I'm considering getting a grapevine or two and seeing if I can grow grapes. After that, who knows?


Great videos, but I thought Rouge-Bleu was an old name Kristen came up with from High School. You are not telling all!!!


Where can we buy your wine in the U.S. ? Is there a place to order online?

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Thanks for your comments and inputs guys.

Joie : You are welcome to contact Hiram at [email protected] our wines are actually sold in your area and he can also offer you a shipping solution

Jeanne : Yes...but I am not going to unveil the whole thing in one time

Johnette : There are several shops in the country where you can shop online with our wines. Depending on where you are, check out this link (http://a-la-recherche-du-vin.typepad.com/domaine_rougebleu/2008/03/o-trouver-nos-v.html) and see where is the closest retailer. You can also contact the importer the closest to you who could help out.



Kathy from San Anselmo, CA

Jean-Marc: I enjoyed the videos and your expertise in taking care of your babies. I like how you don't actually dispose of the weeds after pulling them, you leave them on the ground to turn into compost. I like all of these tips. Good luck. I plan to buy a bottle of your wine in Oakland, CA.

Kathy Sasges

Michele Kawamoto

I love the farming lesson videos. It's great to see what is happening all year long. And, congratulations on the bees! Ah, they are marvelous creatures, when they don't sting! :-)


THIS IS FANTASTIC! Thanks for the update and the terrific videos! :) ANd a HUGE CONGRATS on the Aug 2010 Bon Appetit article! :)

Suzanne, Monroe Township, NJ

Thanks for the updates! Have a great time in Sicily. Maybe you will visit the Cusumano vineyard. They make some nice whites that are especially nice during the summer. We plan to see you the last week in September if you are not to busy with le vendange. Can't wait for Lunatique ... but of course I will.

Suzanne, Monroe Township, NJ

Congratulations on having your 2009 Dentelle Rose named one of the Top Ten Hot Picks for summer by Bon Appetit magazine. And to think I have 11 bottles of it in my basement.

June Kelly

So enjoyed your videos ... and very pleased that Bon Appetit magazine recognized your lovely Rose! When will your wines be available in the San Diego area? Here, we have multitudes of wine lovers,dozens and dozens of great wine shops and extensive wine lists in our many restaurants. All of the above need to become acquainted with "Rouge-Bleu"!!


Dear June,

I have never been to work the market in San Diego...so far (I know I should have...). But you are welcome to contact our importers [email protected] - [email protected] who should know if, hopefully, our wines are in SD area. The closest I know for sure is the Wine House in LA. See all details at http://a-la-recherche-du-vin.typepad.com/domaine_rougebleu/2008/03/o-trouver-nos-v.html
Thanks for your support


Mon ami - I have not been to the site in a while, but needed to congratulate you on the Bon Appetit Rose showing. Of course, we former vendagers knew all along it was going to be a great Rose - and noted as much each day we tasted it while it was maturing in the tank. Wine of the summer, Provencal gods. :)

Take care, have a good, tasting time (and rest) in Sicily. A votre sante!

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