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Diane Scott

Ah ha! Horn manure!! And I thought my husband had lost his mind when HIS horn manure arrived last week and he spent one solid hour near dusk carefully stirring it, clockwise then counter-clockwise. But as we walked the garden thwacking it with a broom dipped in the mix, he explained we were blessing the ground, and I believed then that he was on to something! He will be thrilled to know he has a kindred spirit in you, Jean-Marc!

Tim Stevens

Looking forward to meeting you and tasting your wines at Cleveland Part Wine Shop in Washington, D.C.

lou bogue

I would love to take part in the harvest but I know you prefer younger folks but if you have an opening, I volunteer, I am planning to be in France for the month of Sept. and planning to stop and see you folks, will be happy to help in anyway, have a great trip and am still trying to find an outlet for your wine here in Fla., have you ever heard of "JF wine Imports,INC.??? a small importer who supplies small retailers in this area, I am trying to get in touch with the owner, should be able this comming week. Bon voyage. LOu

Tim and Lauren Averill

I would love to get on the list for 2011. This fall does not seem possible.

Yerda Yearsley

Le Capitaine & the crew chief (moi) are in anticipation of meeting you in Seattle on the 15th. We have a canal boat in France and please our guests with great wine, food and sharing of the beautiful French countryside. We need to find out more (taste! sip!) about your wines and are pretty sure you can help!
A votre sante,
Yerda & Captain Bruce

pamela ann meier

hoping to stop by and meet you in person when you are in minneapolis at lyndale liquors! safe travels!

pam meier, minnepolis, mn

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