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Barbara E. Pickens

Congratulations Jean Marc! looks as if your wine tour to the USA was succesful! Perhaps we will be able to get some Rose in Georgia when the new vines are old enough! Wish you would include Atlanta in one of your tours! We have an active French community there and I'm sure some of the retailers would be interested in buying some of your wines. Hope all goes well with the planting, It is hard work, but well worth it! Happy Birthday even if it is overdue! We southerners love good wine too!
Barbara and Jim Pickens


Welcome Home Jean-Marc and belated Birthday wishes!

It was so great to see you in NY again.
LOVED this planting video - can't wait for more to see how all the new babies are growing! Keep us posted.

A votre Sante!

Suzanne, Monroe Township, NJ

Bonjour Jean-Marc et congratulations!

It was wonderful to see you at the tasting in Brooklyn and cannot wait for my case of 2009 rose to arrive sometime this spring. I enjoyed the video and the enthusiastic spirit of the planters. What a fabulous team!

Bonne Chance with the new grapes and i cannot wait to try the new red from the old vines.


WOW! HOW EXCITING!!!!! That is truly back-breaking work planting all those vines. You're right, looking back, the time flew by :) At least for those of us lucky enough to hitch our wagon to yours and have a front seat view on this adventure.

So wonderful to see you in both SF *and* LA!
BIG HUG from SF, L


Thanks so much for your comments guys. They are cheered as good can be.

Marianne Rankin

Every time I read about what you are doing, or watch another video, I am so impressed by all the work you do. I'm sure most people have no idea what goes into producing a fine wine. I will never be able to drink any without thinking of your efforts and care.

Andy Newlands

Good to see you again at the Portland dinner. Hope you have had a good rest as we were all concerned that you had worn yourself to a frazzle! Next time bring your bike and we'll go out for a quick 100km before dining. Cheers. Andy + Kelley.

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Thanks Andy...I feel a bit "bad" about that evening...I was very very tired after a whole week traveling all around the US, sleeping 3 hours per night average... I hope this has not transpired too much on my behaviour. Please give all my regards to the group.
Next time, I will take the time to ride with you...why not around the OR vineyards.

Michele Kawamoto

Love it! So exciting! Sorry to have missed you while you were in the U.S. Just came back from Asia - they can definitely use some Rouge-Bleu there!

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