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Pat Cargill

After reading the article on Bio-dynamic 500, I am curious: do you stir the mix clockwise/counterclockwise for an hour? Do you apply the spray on a specific date, or at a time related to the lunar cycle (as mentioned in the article - they sprayed at night under a full moon!)?

Ma grand-mere planted each spring according to the Farmer's Almanac which gives specific planting dates for different areas of the U.S.-- and never fertilized with chemicals, ever! She collected buckets full of kitchen scraps that hung on her back porch and then would dig this organic matter into her gardens. Her green beans,tomatos and corn were so delicous. Good for you for using the bio-dynamic tradition in the cultivation of your wines. I applaud you and appreciate your respect for "La Maman Terre"! She is in great need of all the love she can get. Trois cheers!

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Dear Pat,

As much as my agenda and weather conditions allow it, I try to apply the 500 on a root day.
But when you have, like me, 6 hats to wear, it is not only so obvious. And that is part of the reason I can't (and I dont want) apply for a certification. I want to be a free man doing whathe thinks is the best for his vines.
See you in DC.

Jennifer in OR

"Amending the soil" made me think of "amending the soul," another growing place that needs careful attention. Both are the place where life happens, and where what goes in is what comes out. Good work on the farm!

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