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Rebecca Mummert

Yea! Looking forward to your US visit. Have marked 3/8 NYC on my calendar. Happy thawing out until then!

Joanne Fischer

Paul and I are looking forward to seeing you again in March in Houston! Travel Safely!

Anne Brixner

Gorgeous photos, Jean-Marc. Please let us know if we can help with your
Seattle visit in anyway. We are REALLY looking forward to seeing you!!!
Annie and Mike

Paul Guerin

Don't forget the apartment (avec hot tub overlooking SF) in Mill Valley.
Paul Guerin

Debbie in Santa Monica

We are very much looking foward to your visit again to LA. I anxiously await the details. And if we can assist, please let us know.

Marianne Rankin

Your schedule looks rather demanding. When you know exactly where in the Washington, D.C. "area" you will be, please post the information right away. It covers a lot of ground. I hope so much to be able to see you then.


I looked here yesterday after a few weeks, and was happy to see your schedule. Happy and safe travels, and hopefully I'll get to one event in my area. Cheers!

Tim and Lauren Averill

I wish you were coming to Boston or to Denver. We'd love to see you again.

June Kelly

Jean-Marc .. I have been so hoping that your wines would be carried in San Diego County. Any possiblity that that might happen? Here, we have thousands upon thousands of wine lovers who really appreciate premium wines!

June Kelly


Jean-Marc, I can see that you, like the Hopi Indians here in Arizona, love the snow. It soaks way down deep and will provide moisture for the corn so it will give a good crop in the summer.
We are having snows now in the northern part of the state..blessings from the Kachinas..and may your snow be good blessings for you as well!
Your Arizona friend,

Evelyn Jackson

Iowa City...yippee! I'm marking March 14th on my calendar right now. I'm thinking you'll be at the New Pioneer Food Co-op, right?


I shall certainly make it to San Francisco 3/18!


Sorry that I will miss you in NYC on Mar 8, but I'll be out of state. I look forward to seeing you and tasting your wine while visiting Provence. Have a great trip and it does look very demanding!

Bob and Angela Fowler

Bonjour Jean-Marc ~ We look forward to seeing you again in Los Angeles. Wish Kristin were coming with you, but hope you'll have some rosé along as a poor substitute (she's so bright and refreshing!). We missed the wine dinner at your last visit, so hope you're planning one this time also.

Jerry and Mary Breed

Great news that you will be in the Washington, DC, area! We are nearby in Vienna, Virgina, (several great wine shops here!) and hope to see you in March! A tres bientot!

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