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The greatest family's treasure

One Vintage with us

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Devra Long

Wish that we could visit with you in Arizona but we will be home (Alabama) for the holidays. We will follow your advice and enjoy the Dentelle with our Thanksgiving dinner!
Fabulous picture of you and Kristin; would love a copy!!
Warmest wishes,

Aaron Groseclose


Are you doing any other event in the US this trip?

Aaron Groseclose

Marianne Rankin

I will let my brother, who lives in the Pnoenix area, know about this event. He doesn't know much French, but might be interested in the wine.

May I humbly suggest, if it is not too late, to name the wine "Cuvee Lunaire" instead of "Cuvee Lunatique"? The latter, at least in English, doesn't have quite the right connotations.

I look forward to trying the wines before too long.

Maureen McCormick


I just bought my first case of your Dentelle on a trip to New York. I can't find it anywhere in the Boston area. It is FABULOUS! I really love it.

Have a wonderful Christmas in Arizona.


i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that picture of you and kristin!!! :) i'm so disappointed i'm going to miss you on this trip. love the name cuvee lunatique :) and i see you're edging back to the original label design... ;)

gros bisous a tous les espinasses! xo laura


I wish you could come to the Seattle area while you are in the States. I see your wine is in 3 stores in the area.


Thanks Maureen for your kind comment on the Dentelle. You should enjoy the 08 too when it is available in NY (hopefully soon). And I am also working on finding a MA importer...
Unfortunaltely, Aaron, no more event on this trip...but soon in the Spring. stay tuned on the blog for more details.
"santé" to all of you,


I would like to try your wines. hugs from Italy

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Alan Robert Joseph Batty MBE

Dear Jean-Marc e Kirstin,
It was such a pleasure to meet you, your son and daughter, at Coviala Restaurant in San Alfio Sicilia. What an adventurous family you are. Wendy and I live in the ETNA DOC area of Mount Etna, Citta Castiglione De Sicilia.We are blessed by living in the wonderful wine growing region, on the slopes of mount Etna. We are not wine growers but are wine drinkers. So we are totally spoilt for choice. Be it small scale organic production, or large mass-produced wines, we can choose. Today's table wine Vino Rosso suited my pallet. Little did I know that we would get to taste a wine from the "Rhone Valley". Your "Domaine Rouge-Bleu", with its blend of Syrah-Grenache-Mourvedre-Roussanne, grown on 75year old vines. Hit the spot, a perfect wine during our meat course. Served chilled, perhaps to remind the wine of its winter pruning, (in several inches of snow). To quote Jean-Marc (Marco)"good wines originate from good grapes". But I believe that good families, set an example, the harmony of the family, improves the care of, the harvesting of and drinking of the wine. For the wine is the product of "Mother Nature", the supreme artist. We just need to take our time to nurture, what mother nature produces for us. For the wine drinker, who does not have the concerns of the grower, producer, or exporter, life is easy. So thank you for bringing your "Domaine Rouge-Blueu" Harvest 2008 Minstral Coutes Du Rhone, to our table. Wendy and I enjoyed your wine,company of your family, we trust that you enjoy the Sicilian wines as much as we enjoyed yours

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I also found that some Vermonters could not get a good connection to the webcast even when it was working: examples of why we need better broadband in Vermont in a hurry.

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