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Jim and Barbara Pickens

Hang in there Jean Marc. The days may be long now, but perhaps you can call on some of the copains to help with the chores this time too! Wish we weren't so old or we would be there to help too! I can drive a tractor and so can Jim. We had a farm for years.
Sounds like you could use some help with the business end of your winemaking also. It will soon be better and after the "crushing process" maybe you can take a short vacation!
take care of your health and be careful with your shoulder.
Bon Chance!

Marion, Vieille Dame de San Francisco

Cher Jean-Marc,

Meilleurs voeux pour votre entrepise. Je suis inquiète pour votre sante. Vous travaillez trop dur. J'aimerais bien que vous soyez prudent!


Hope I can get some of that energy you possess sometime soon! WOW! and even with a hurt shoulder!
Be sure to catch up on your rest JM... Say Hello to the family!


I sure wish that I had your energy, but then again, you are doing things which make you happy and which you enjoy so much. Some day my husband and I will be in Provence again and will visit and enjoy some of your fine wine. I look forward to meeting you, Kristin and the children and of course Braise who had a grand time with her beau, but drove you out of your minds with worry.
Bon chance Jean-Marc, but I don't think that you need it. You seem to be doing very well with everything!

Bill Sweat


I empathize with your long day. Of course, any day that ends with dinner at Mere Germaine and in the cellars at Domaine du Banneret sounds like a very good day to me. Looking forward to your next release AND to seeing you in Dundee one day.

Warmest regards,



Hi Jean-Marc,
We are thrilled that it sounds like things are going well for you in the vinyards, and even more pleased that it sounds as if your shoulder is recovering.
We are especially thrilled that Braise is back at home and hope that she is doing well and hope that there is a litter of gorgeous puppies in your future.
We also,hope to perhaps being able to help you with the vendange in September
when we are en Provence for our annual month long stay, but need to know how to contact you if you would like/need our help.

louis bogue  Dunedin,fla.

you are youmg and strong, know is the time to burn the candle at both ends, time for rest later, will miss this 3rd picking but look forward to the 4th, best to all the family. Lou

Tim and Lauren Averill of Beverly, MA

It was the highlight of our Provencal vacation to meet you and Kristin last Friday and to share some of your wines. Your venture is an adventure, but do take time to get some sleep. Even your friends the vines want you to be en bonne sante. We are working on getting Massachusetts to offer your wines in our lacal store.

Ray LaCour

I wrote to Kristin recently about my crepe-myrtles and the disease, powdery mildew, a fungal attack on the blooms. Bordeaux Mixture, 12% copper, was applied and was very effective. My county agent related the rest of the story about Bordeaux Mixture had its beginnings in Bordeaux, France. It was accidentally discovered when the farmers painted the fences with a copper solution, and found it effective in fighting the diseased grapevines. I recognized in your article that spraying a copper solution is still in practice today. Do you still have problems with powdery mildew?

Ray La Cour, Lafayette, Louisiana USA

P.S. I am familiar with a French couple who operates two wine business, Phillipe's, in Lafayette.


Ah, Jean-Marc, how great it is to do what you love, even though it is hard work with long hours. You are surrounded by your family and friends and it is all worthwhile. I am very appreciative of all your hard work when I relax with a bottle of your wine and share it with my friends! To be able to earn money doing what you love has to be the best kind of life! I can't wait to sample the new bottles!
Take care,


Thank you all for your kind comments and your support.

I also should point out that besides your support, I have the one of my family which is a key one.


Pat Cargill

How wonderful to live life doing what you love, despite its sometimes over bearing demands. Best wishes for continued success and I look forward to visiting you and Kristin someday. Congratulations on this special day!


Jean-Marc, I have my order in with BBR Imports in Houston awaiting bottles of your Rose! Can't wait to enjoy! Best, Danielle in Albuquerque



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