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Ellen Rickert

Dear Jean Marc and Kristin - this is from Carole Sergent who visited you with Ophelia and her friends last week at your wonderful vineyard. The above email and name are my daughter, Ellen - who lives in London - I know she would love meeting you - so some tickets for her would be great -- she is exactly Kristin's age...and is quite agood source on London especially if you bring your children - she has two one 7 and one 5 -- we hope that we might rent in France next summer -- but with the world economy who knows? Thanks again for your hospitality - it was a very special afternoon. I sent Kristin some pictures - let me know if you don't get them. Carole.



I'll certainly travel to London for the Wine Fair (most likely on the 21st) and will be delighted to get a free entrance ticket. I'm trying to get 2 more people but we might not be able to go together on the same day.
See you soon.


Thanks for the entrance tickets I received yesterday.
I'll be travelling on my own, by public transport. I have an excellent trolley bag... (!) that could certainly contain a dozen of bottles if well wrapped and put safely in a box.
In one of the links, they mention the possibility of getting the bottles we buy, "delivered at home a few days later". Could you tell me who organises the delivery, and whether the parcels would be sent via "Parcel Force", or a courier?

Gus Coulton

I look forward to meeting you on the 21st. Just found the website - who was that masked dog? Was that Zorro or the Lone Ranger they used to say that about on black and white TV?

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