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I loved the picture of the vineyard, blue skies, wide open is now my desktop background. Now if I only had a glass of that Dentelle to complete the picture! Soon......I have e-mailed Tim in Houston to send a case our way or failing that, I will go get it myself! You are all doing a wonderful job and those of us who enjoy your wines are very appreciative of your organic efforts!

Sandy & Mark

Jennifer in OR

Lovely photograph! Take care of yourself and I'm glad you have some helpers - that is all a very big job for just one person!

I need to find the Oregon supplier for your do have someplace in Oregon?

How wonderful to have your brother's help. I'm enjoying your wife's blog, and finally got her widget in my sidebar!

Jeanne Govert

You look happy but tired. Go have a glass of wine and relax! J

nathalie in avignon

Congratulations on your hard work Jean-Marc, and thanks for giving me the chance to taste your wine last Saturday at the Fete de la Musique. I loved it.

I wish you and Kristin every success in this fantastic project.
Hope to be in touch, I'll certainly be visiting regularly to follow on your progress.

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