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I am glad to hear you are making progress with the label.
I would love to see it but when I click on the link "label" I don't get a result. I get: "the requested URL .... was not found on this server" or something to that effect.

Is this just me, or???


I absolutely love the label. Beautiful choice. Bonne chance!


Glad you followed your heart on this one. Your label choice is a fine one; it's attractive, informative, and perfectly representative of the product. Top class all the way. Congratulations, and good luck to you!


I agree with previous comments today, very classy label. Will it be sold in the states? Best of luck!

La Rêveuse

The label is gorgeous! Going with your heart always pays off.

Would you be able to ship wine to the US?

Tammy Straub

Congratulations! It's perfect! I especially love the reference to le Mistral....very clever, and original! Bonne chance!


Always follow your heart. The label is beautiful. Can't wait to taste the wine! It has been a pleasure to follow your adventures. I admire you immensely for making your dreams come true.

Fred Caswell

Jean-Marc, your label suggests to me the mystery and wonder of our faithful earth which sustains and pleases us with food and beverage; it is GREAT.

I must add that it was an unforgettable honor, privilege, and pleasure to share your home and to experience you and Kristi as you both follow your dreams with perseverance and commitment to do whatever is necessary while providing a loving home for yourselves and your two youngsters.

Congratulations! Formidable!

Love and best of wishes to the Espinasses -- Fred


Hello Jean-Marc!

Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!
Indeed, “that's so good”, as the old popular song says!
Fascinating wine tasting! Thanks for the detailed video!
I've now realised there will be not one, but 2 gorgeous end-products: "Dentelle red 07" and "Mistral 07"! What a contrast between the two of them! Vive la différence!

As for the label, I am thrilled with your choice. The subtle colour changes, to enhance the background, are brilliant. I like the new shape of the red leaf & its new position. Good idea to have extended the blue patches at the top.

You may have had a reason to keep 2 very different fonts on the label, but I'm not sure whether it's better than keeping only one font.
I could imagine "Domaine Rouge-Bleu" typed with the other font... or with the font you first used...

Bravo again, and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, your work and your enthusiasm with us.
All the very best to you and your dear ones!

Mary Ann Waterman

Very nice label. It is in harmony with your terroir and vines. Now, how do we purchase a bottle or two?

Susan Carter

I love your label choice--it's absolutely perfect. This entire experience following you in you wine making adventure has been a delight and I hope to get the chance to taste your wines in the near future.


I do like the old vine, it does look much better in this version. Perhaps another leaf should be enhanced...or not.
I like the overall color of this label.

If you are still interested in suggestions for revisions, a couple of notes:

The font of "Domaine Rouge-Bleu" looks great, but a simpler font, less frou-frou, cleaner and more modern may work better for all the other text on the label.

I think the red & blue hues might be toned down as well. They seem a bit too intense for the subtle image of the vine.

It seems all is going very well. Happy Thanksgiving!


Dear wine lovers,
Thanks for all the nice comments on the video and te label.
To answer about "how to get some of our wines", I will soon post a "wine club" offer for people living in the US.
Our wines will also be available in some retail stores but I can't list them until there are released.
Happy Thanksgiving and have a great bottle of wine for this very special day.

Elaine Hamat

Hello from Toronto! I think your label is a good choice. It looks classy and not too gimicky. I enjoyed watching your video and indeed following along the entire process from planting to cellaring. It must be vey gratifying to you to have it all turn out so well. You'll have to let us know when your wines will be available in the LCBO.
Best wishes, Elaine

Donna Towers

Your label has the "WOW" factor. I live in Pennsylvania and it is very hard to have wine shipeed to your residence. It has to be sent to a wine and spirits store.

I look forward to more information.



Jean Marc,
Bravo! This one is You, I have thought from the start! You have a successful blend of vintage and moderne which is appealing. From the formal and classy font to the warm ocres, the feuillage, the terroir, you honour mother earth-your source! Yet, "not-to-forget" the touch of blue sky which balances(in intensity and stylized motif) your rouge leaf (Rouge-Bleu!), is all there to say: "Here WE are, following the oldest of traditions in the most modern, planet-friendly way. We're French. What else is there to say?
-the linear border unifies and accentuates the design.
-the font and colours say "french" in a subtle, sophisticated way.
-the informations are clear and to-the-point.


I love the new wine label. Congratulations!!!

Cynthia M

Love this label! In the beginning, some said that listing the grape blends on the front was "gimmicky". I've always liked the idea, as it's not only unique, but serves to educate. As an American military spouse living around Europe for the last 9 years (and primarily drinking French reds), I finally learned to search the back of wine bottles for the blend so that I have a better idea of what to expect.

As for the contrast in coloring on the label, I like that, too, but not just for superficial reasons. To get my mind off the stresses of another deployment, I spent a couple of weeks near Avignon this fall. While crouched on a dusty ditchbank during a mistral, trying to get the perfect photo of deep purple grapes against the rusty-green leaves and white, rocky soil, something occured to me: the difference in the color of soil versus the color of wine that would be yielded could not be at farther ends of the spectrum. For some reason, this thought gave me warmth and chills at the same time. I've thought of it many nights since, admittedly with some emotion, while sitting back here in cold, wet Germany. Now when I look at your label, I will re-live that moment again, knowing that it is the contrasts in nature, and our lives, that allows a greater appreciation of both.

So don't let anyone try to talk you into changing that label again!


Very nice label! What a happy outcome. Félicitations!


Congratulations! You've succeeded in designing a very elegant label - unique, interesting and informative. I particularly appreciate the listing of the grape varieties and their percentages on the front of the lable. Frequently, this information is hidden on the back of the bottle, or not included at all. The old vine against the background of the map of France is perfect!


Cheers! A label, a tasting, a YouTube video. This is all very exciting. Congratulations to you on having and following a dream.


I voted for this label so I am happy... please note that the apostrophe should be BEFORE the zero, not afterward: '07, not 07'.

Best of luck and we hope to join Les Copains (if we have any money left after Christmas)!

Barbara Pickens

love the label! Can't wait for the wine! Happy holidays...Barbara and Jim Pickens


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