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Such a nice diverse group of ideas.

I am very much impressed with the typeface used on n. 29.
I would love to see it with the grapes as drawn on n. 06. (but remove the graphic frame- it distracts from the grapes).

I would still like to see your own copy which tells us the percentage of each type of grape used.

We are enjoying the process and without doing any of the work. Merveilleux!


My votes go to #6 (I agree with the above comment) and #35.


Elaine Hamat

I have to say, I'm loving the format of # 21. It's classic, and not too gimicky. I would maybe beef up the little box in the middle to make it jump out just a bit more. 36 is sweet too...maybe just a little too much in your face for me.


So many excellent choices. Perhaps you needs more vineyards so you can use all these.

Call me a man, but, a beautiful woman will always make me reach for a bottle (take that however you like). #20 is very eye catching. 32 is very eye catching as well and echos the name perfectly. 29 is very nice, but needs to show the red and blue colors more. Unfortunately getting peoples attention is important to get them consider your wine in this day and age.


I too like #21; however, there should be a gap between the red/purple box and "Vin de Terror."


5, 6 or 11 would get my votes.

Fran Carlen

Are you planning on selling the wine in the US? If so, I would choose something as traditional as possible since the division between the two basic marketing groups has only widened: there are pop, label-driven cheaper wines (usually not from Europe) sold to those with less disposible income, and 'serious' wines (whether thay merit the moniker of complexity or not) sold to the growing group of nouveaux riches and to good restaurants. It's sort of emblamatic of the ongoing American schism between popular and high art. Also, because of the dollar/euro, your wine is going to be a lot more expensive here than in France, so it seems to me you have more to gain by putting yourself in the latter category. About (marketing in) France--I've no idea. Best, FC

Kathy Moore

Isn't it funny how different everyone's tastes are? Jean-Marc, you will have a difficult time choosing as the votes will be all over the map. I looked at all 36 and liked many of them very much, but when I saw #30, it just jumped out at me. It's definitely my favorite. I love the background.



#3 typeface with #6 design and and a sideways oval frame


They are all with merit. I prefer #32. I think it's bold and very French - selling the attributes of the product.


My favorites are 4, 16, 21 30 and 36 with 30 being the best! I don't like selling wine with women on the label and I don't think cutesy works with wine either. Be serious and people will know it's good wine. Go with number 30!!!!!

Rosalind Harris

Number 13 is most distinctive.


I like #17 but it seems rather Spanish. #19 is GREAT except that the "Rouge Bleu" is difficult to read. It would be great in a different font. #28 is charming and my second choice. But it is #32 that I love. It is easy to read and will stand out among a group of competitors. The texture is beautiful and the design quite versatile. It will translate well to a website, merchandise, even a sign out in front of the winery. I vote for #32. Good luck!

Carol McFarland

#30 is an elegant and beautiful depiction of terroir. All the label needs is some of the information which identifies and distinguishes your bottling. Phrases that caught my eye: Chez Espinasse, estate bottled, bio/organic, terroir. Some of these would stand out in raised silver lettering.


20 and 32 are my favorites. 32 is going to work the best in the US.

Heidi Watson

I agree with Fran. Be very careful of making your wine look cheap. I think a lot of these would work for lesser wines in the U.S. A few of them seem dated and the ones that aren't could become so. I would go with something classic.

Patrice Ryan

How nice to have the chance to participate in choosing just the right label!
My favorite is #30. I also like 4,10 11 and 19.

Patrice Ryan

My husband thinks #13 has the most class!

Maureen McCormick

Jean-Marc, correct the spelling on #10.

I like 5, 10, 23, and 36.



My, what an interesting variety of label designs! I see good points in each of them, and I suppose much of this is simply personal taste. My choice is number 36 for I find the colors and the design just yummy and suggestive of both old and new..with the older looking map, and the plump and inviting grapes. It is not a stark red and blue, but the colors are there, perhaps suggesting the complexity of the wine itself. I also am attracted to numbers 30 and 02, but I keep going back to first choice for sure! Best of luck with whichever you choose!

Gail Wolsenholme

I think label Number 19, says it all, "Made with love". Hope we can buy some in January, when we next visit Provence. Good luck! Gail and Mike Wolstenholme, Manchester, England.


My choices are 11,21, and 32. Number 11 is fun and happy while 21 and 32 are serious and distinctive.

Diane Scott

I agree with Fran's comment. The label should be classic, not trendy. I favor number 21, but shouldn't the color blue be juxtaposed against the red within the rectangle?


Such great ideas and designs that many would be suitable. Do you want bold and modern or traditional? I am in the traditional camp and love #36 for exactly the reasons given by Cerelle. Best of luck to you as you make your wine.


21. Everyone knows that wine is made from grapes so an image of grapes is redundant. Highly sytlized art goes in and out of fashion so I wouldn't choose a lable that will have a limited shelf life. When I look for a wine to buy I want to see the harvest year and composition - 21 does this elegantly and simply. Congratulations to the artist!

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