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Elaine Hamat

Hello Jean-Marc,
I really like the direction you are taking with this new label. When can I expect it to jump out at me from the shelves of the Ontario stores? We wish you best of luck with the harvest. We have wonderful memories of harvest time in the Bordeaux region, so I can imagine the excitement in your house.
Best, Elaine

Jane Robinson

This new label does not "jump out at me". I still think something with more color like the beautiful land you live in! I loved the sunset colors that were shown earlier...
Good luck!


I like this one! I like the font much better than the other ones. It's sad that people have to buy wine based on the label. I am just excited to try it! I really like the grape % on the label.


Diane Scott

This new label is quite lovely and seems to reflect the ancient beauty of your property. So far, it is my favorite.


Je vote pour cette étiquette. Elle est très belle.
Pour moi c'est la Provence.

Lisa Chase

okay, that's gorgeous too!


Bonjour Jean-Marc,

I like the label you posted today on the site. It's lovely. I would say that I am a traditionalist, but, of the three earlier options, I preferred the first (created by the artist), though now I am a fan of today's candidate. What I like is a label that is memorable and easy to understand, especially for non-French speakers in the event you ever sell wine on the other side of the Atlantic or elsewhere.

I also enjoy your site a great deal.



Good job! I do like this label better than the previous 3. I think that it still does not grab the attention on the shelf like the previous comments indicated. I like the font you used, but having the same font throughout is not good design unless you're going for a minimalist look like Apple Computers. Maybe "domaine" should be in a different font. I love that you indicated the grape composition! I thought it was an organic wine! If so, why not list that somewhere on the label?


Getting warmer JM!!!
Now you are getting somewhere, but I do agree with an earlier post that the lack of color could be a negitive, remember when your beautiful bottled elixir is sitting next to any others on a shelf it needs that "look at me" attitude, even before one experiences the fruits of your vines!
I'm working on a submission as well, and hope to please.
Cheers for now!


Hello! I was a bit late in reviewing the last batch but I thought Henri made a very good point: how about a logo that would transcend any of the transitions that the label might go through? Something that would "brand" your winery/wine...something like a single red leaf and a single blue grape ...or something like that.

I think this is better than the last three...but for me, it misses making an impact on the first impression...and I believe I once heard that you only have one chance to make a first impression...just a thought.

I think Rita's comment about fonts is a good one...good graphic design strikes a fine balance between too many fonts going on and not enough.

Bon courage! I am confident that you will get there...and when you do, it will be a moment worthy of cracking open a lovely bottle of wine in celebration!


I like this one better than the previous 3 but also would agree with earlier postings about adding more color. If you are able to add the nice colors from the vine/leaves (see your label #2) with this new label, I think that will add more "character" and make the wine stand out in the shelves.

Allisa Imming

Jean Marc, I love this label. I like the font; the type color/size; the background color. I like the percentages especially. It's good information.


Absolutement! Your font says "french" clearly and quickly without reading furthur! Your background subject and colours give an authenticity of "heritage" without a further look!.
I don't know how true the colours come out on "my" computer, but my only suggestion would be...make sure the light blue sky get's a fair showing in order to contrast the wonderful way you've represented mother-earth and grandfather-vine. However... the tiny bit (of blue sky) that I see at the top left MAY BE enough! If it were my own I'd at least "try" a spot of the sky colour somewhere on bottom right of the etiquette, like the print of the percentages??? If it's unsophisticated looking, and may well be, you've lost nothing.
All that said, I'd buy it today!
The "quick indicators" I mentioned (in first paragraph)are deal breakers! I buy french wines exclusively... BUT! I don't spend hours deliberating.


P.S. Your rouge-bleu (thinking French-Flag-red- and-blue) would have been a completely different etiquette and message. Personally...this style(today's etiquette)engages the buyer, like comfort food.
C'est tout!


Bonjour Jean-Marc,

Now THIS one is lovely, and still seems to carry tradition as well. Yes, I like the grape %, and the grape vine as well as the more subdued colors..but Leslie commented on having one grape or one leaf in color as an eye catcher. How would it look to have one of the leaves on the now softened "bush" be a brighter fall red..perhaps the one to the left of the word "Valleé"?
Another thought..what about a French Flag blue and red border..I am trying to visualize how that would look..but it might help it Pop..and look classic, if it is not too wide a border...Something to try, perhaps.

Always love your letters, and those of your wife as well! Best of luck, Cerelle

Rosalind Harris

I'm going to muddy the water as we say....I've reviewed the previous three. I'm really in favor of today's label, but bring the color up a couple of shades. What you have is almost like a watermark. I think you'll still be able to read the text with a shade or two darker on the tree in the background. Two things really make today's label, and the others for that matter, very distinctive. One it is a bigger label than so many wines on the shelf. It is vertical, longer than wide. And, it has an all over picture. Many labels have a design in only one portion of the label or at the very bottom or no graphic at all. I do believe you have a good trademark with the approach you are using. Additionally, the label is distinctive, because it is not centered. Typically, here in the States, wine labels have centered text and graphics.

I notice you don't have the year on the label?

Tim Smith

I am all for the prototype design above. Just a couple of points. I know the label approval bullies will not like the grape varieties displayed the way they currently are on the front label. I would much rather see that the wine is estate-bottled on the front label, perhaps even the name "Espinasse", than the grape varieties. I know, I know, I'm becoming more and more traditional. But I have great confidence in your ability and want your label to express the professionalism that you bring to the process rather than just be a marketing gimmick.

Susan Carter

Jean-Marc & Kristin,
I too like this one much better than the original three. It stands out, says it all and makes me want to pick the bottle up to take a closer look. I like the earthy color and the distinctive font.


I really like this one...!


I do like this one much better, but maybe a shade darker on the vine to make it stand out a bit more. I disagree with those who like the listing of the grape varities on the front(more American), they should be on the back. Also I agree with Tim that perhaps putting the name "Espinasthe same font as Espinasse)


I too believe that your font choice needs attention.
The name "Rouge-Bleu" looks very good in your font, the other words should be in a simpler, more modern, easier to read font.

I would also move the name lower down on the label and brighten up the color of the leaves of the vine.

when I have more time I'll try to submit something along those lines.

Merde! on your first harvest.


I too believe that your font choice needs attention.
The name "Rouge-Bleu" looks very good in your font, the other words should be in a simpler, more modern, easier to read font.

I would also move the name lower down on the label and brighten up the color of the leaves of the vine.

when I have more time I'll try to submit something along those lines.

Merde! on your first harvest.


This is nice-----a lighter version of bottle #2, which I didn't like at all----but this works. It looks earthy, but elegant. Obviously, you could work at it over and over and come up with all kinds of labels---but honestly, I think this works!


well, i do like the feel of this one, but i think it could use some work...it definately does not pop and therefore might get overlooked. it strangely reminds me of van gogh's olive trees.



I really like this design and would like to change my previous vote. I think that this one is really a good direction. I would suggest perhaps doing an outline of the vine in the background and perhaps doing a "drawing" of one of the leaves over the photo of a leaf away from the writing. I think that this would bring out the background image without detracting from the text.



Last time, I voted for "Back to the Drawing board". But this one, I like a lot.

I don't drink wine, though, so you may not be interested in my opinion!

Bonne chance!

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