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Gary Rodan

If You have free title to your land, is it criminal to plant vines without permission, and why should the cost as much as 170 Euros?
I understand the need for Appellaton controlee. But just to plant. France needs the best wines in the world. But it can also boast of the world's > (or worst) bureaucrats!



I'm so happy you finally have a blog for us to follow along with you ... love to watch you work while i just hang out in my hammock.

I am looking forward to lots of great photo's of the forest where you live and the old terraces that you will be recovering from the overgrown forest. Also when you make video's could you please make them longer and talk more so I can listen to your wonderful French accent. I still replay all of your old videos on youtube.



Jens from Copenhagen

Hi Jean-Marc,
Nice to know that you are still engaged in winemaking and in a few years time will produce a Bandol from Mas des Brun. Hope we'll get the possibility to visit you (and Kristi) next summer.


SO GLAD that you're continuing both with winemaking and with your blog. I learn so much from your newsletters -- thank you. It has been wonderful following your progress at Rouge-Bleu, and am glad to know that your touch is still in the making of their wines. I can satisfy myself with those until your Bandol wines debut. Bonne chance et meilleurs souhaits, bises, toutes -- pour toute la famille. Sois heureux, toujours! -- Cathy, Malaucene


ps -- If you ever need help with anything, call me and I'll be there. I'm not so far.

Phyllis & Tim

Can't wait to see your new place. Congratulations!

Christine Dashper

Felicitations Jean-Marc! This is very exciting. I have been a fan of Kristin's for 5 or so years and I look forward to following the adventures of you both.

We love France and one day hope to spend quite a long time there. Bon chance! I will read with interest in the future kind regards


Bon Courage!


Okay, I guess I can come pick and prune some more, play in the tanks and a have a beer or two and some chips......

Lee Isbell

Welcome back to blogging. I will love seeing the story of making new grape farm.

orard annemarie ( ex delarue)

bonne installation et bonne chance

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Thank you all for your encouragements, we hoe to see you soon if you visit the area
I am enjoying my new life near Bandol
Next post to come before Xmas

Bill Facker

Jean-Mark .. This is a treat, seeing your new blog! Since I found it through Kriti's site, I am reminded the "power of two" is mighty indeed. Best of luck with the approvals required. Aloha, Bill Facker


I am so delighted to discover your blog (through Kristin). Your description of starting over with this new vineyard is so interesting. I had heard of the massive paperwork to do anything in France, and hearing about it from you is amazing. So excited to follow along on your adventures.

Wishing you well,
Karene in So. Calif.


Congratulations on your blog, I will follow you religiously just like I follow your wife! can't wait to hear the stories of this new adventure. Good luck!

Cynthia Lewis in Salisbury, Eastern Shore of Maryland

Wishing you every success with your new Bandol vineyard. We, your readers, will enjoy reading about your experiences. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

Terri Savage

Congratulations, Jean-Marc & Kristi!

From a long time reader in Oklahoma City, OK, US

Anne london

Bon chance et joyous Noel ,
Anne and andy


To mark the tenth anniversary of Kristi's sobriety, how about a pampered weekend and some jewelry? Perhaps a pearl from the deep blue sea for your pearl of a girl!

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