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Salut Jean-Marc,

We are walking a circle in the Dentelles de Montmirail in a few weeks. We'll begin and end in Le Barroux, visiting Gigondas, Seguret, Baumes de Venise and Vaison la Romain. Will we be able to taste your wine in any of these locales? I hope so! We have enjoyed your website and your adventures. We're thrilled with all of the well-deserved success. Felicitations!

Betty Frost

I am hopeful that we will be able to find your wines in
Seattle, WA soon. I guess I can always drive to Oregon!
It was a pleasure tasting your wines when you were in Seattle.


Annabelle and Bill

Dear Jean-Marc and Kristin,
We missed seeing you when we were in Mirabel-aux-Baronnies in April, as you were on your way to the U.S. Great to hear about the continued success of your wine. We were in Les Arcs, wish we had seen your list of 'where to find our wines"! Any plans to expand into Ontario, Canada? We'll look for you, and your wines, on our next trip to France! Felicitations!
Annabelle and Bill


I loved the flavor and the smoothness when I got to taste it at Union Square Wines in NYC a few weeks ago.

I can't wait to receive the bottles I ordered and will look for it in Paris to share with my Parisian friends when I'm there next week.

You're off to a wonderful start!

Bonne Chance!

Suzette et Owen Neff

Jean Marc
Not all Americans are spoiled rotten incompetents though the tragic president that we elected some years ago would make us appear otherwise. My husband (mon mari) and I so greatly delight in visiting your incredibly exquisite country that we despair that this year the dollar is so greatly devalued (is that a surprise?)that we cannot even contemplate a trip to that land we so deeply love. We shall talk with our local wine distributor here in Asheville, North Carolina and ask him to include some of the vintages that you have worked so hard to produce.May we together, with Kristin's considerable help do our part to further understanding beween our nations. We are, after all,all of us, a village,known as tout le monde.
Suzette Neff


Greetings from Merlion restaurant in Seabrook Texas! Thank you so much for your wonderful wine. I have just sold 4 cases in the last 2 weeks clientle LOVE LOVE Rouge Bleu! I met you at the wine tasting at Maxs restaurant in Houston with Tim & fell in love with your wine. I thank you clients thank you.
Best Wishes, Madeleine

Jeff Millard

I had two bottles shipped to me here in Santa Ynez, CA from French Country Wines in Texas. Very impressive wine! Love it! I grew up in this major wine region here in California and have nearly a hundred different labels produced in a 45 mile radius. As much of a francophile as I am I simply had to say that our local wines were better than the comparable French imports-- until now. Rouge-Bleu est super! L'acheté!



The Dentelle is a glossy purple in the glass and at first taste reminds me of the tanks in the cellar.....a yummy, country first taste is followed by the smooth mellowness of the Grenache. Not much bouquet for the nose, but a smooth lingering finish. The wine seems to need some time in the bottle to finish it's melding. The few tasters have had a hard time adjusting their palates to a blend and they have little experience with Rhone blends. But in time they will appreciate the Rhone for it's smoothness yet ability to reflect the terrior.

laura @ cucina testa rossa

My shipment just arrived today! I practically stalked the fedex man until he arrived. I ran to a friend's house, popped the cork and savored every drop. It transported me back to St Cecile, tasting the vineyard and earth and rugged mountains and tiny creek....even the stolen "fertilizer" :) but most of all the love that went into nurturing every little vine day after day, ladybug after ladybug. what a delight this wine is! Merci merci merci! Laura

Barbara and Jim Pickens

Jean Marc,
We shared our first bottle with friends and all agreed that this was a great wine! We ejoyed it thoroughly and are already planning to buy more on line, as our case will not last through the summer. Know your are overwhelmed at the moment, but the economy will pick up by next year here in the USA and our dollar will be worth much more after the elections. In the meantime, know we appreciate your hard work and that we are still in love with your wonderful wine! It would be fun to come and help in the vineyards, but we can't afford it this year. Maybe some of the copains would enjoy helping you, that can. Hang in there!

Claire Fontaine

Truly one of the best reds I've ever tasted. I don't know how to describe it properly in "wine-speak" but the words that most come to mind are complex, compelling, mysterious... "deep." I can't imagine a wine shop anywhere that wouldn't carry it - I'm certainly going to do my best to convince those in my area! You've created a masterpiece, Jean-Marc - Bravo! Claire Fontaine


Where in Florida are your wines sold? I am waiting to taste Rouge Bleu!! I have been looking hard.

Maybe this fall on my artistic travels to France I can find some.
All the best
Marti Schmidt


Thank you Jean-Marc and Kristin for the wine tasting at your beautiful vineyard during our recent family vacation in France. We all really enjoyed the wines and learning about Domaine Rouge-Bleu. The Dentelle is wonderful and the preview of the Mistral was excellent. We look forward to enjoying more of your wine, blogs and books! Merci! Lisa

Greg Dennis

Thank you for your hospitality when Leslie and I visited in May, and apologies for this belated note.
I'm a columnist for a newspaper in Middlebury, VT USA. Below is what I wrote after Leslie & I visited you, with a mention of Rouge-Bleu.

- Greg

Taking wing, and taking heart

By Gregory Dennis

They say traveling overseas broadens your horizons. This may be true. But what it really does is open you up inside.
I’m fortunate enough to have been overseas twice in recent months, to Italy in March and to France earlier this month. When I reflect on those experiences, I don’t see sunsets and mountain peaks. If anything, I regret missing the Vermont sunsets and the greening of the peaks while I was gone.
Instead, I feel openings in my heart -- connections to old friends with whom I traveled and new friends I made along the way; to places where life is slower and saner, where old buildings and old people are good things; where time passes slowly, rather than so hurriedly that it hurts.
When Judy, my oldest friend in the world, proposed last fall that I join her and her husband, Pat, on a March tour of the Italian hill towns in Umbria, it took about two minutes for me to say yes. The dollar was still relatively strong, my consulting business was going great guns, and I knew that by March I would need a break.
When March rolled around, the dollar had been knocked to its knees, my business and cash flow had slowed to a crawl, and I was looking for work projects to keep me busy.
Another demonstration of the wisdom of buying vacation plane tickets well in advance, so you can’t easily back out of your plans.
Ahead of meeting Judy and Pat, I coordinated three days in Tuscany with longtime friends Tom and Susie, who would be visiting their son and daughter at the Middlebury College program in Florence.
On the back end, post-Umbria, I arranged to meet two friends who are Middlebury College faculty -- Pieter Broucke and Ilaria Brancholi-Busdraghi – in Rome where they are on academic sabbatical.

* * *

I won’t bore you with a blow-by-blow, pasta-by-pasta description of Italy. Suffice it to say that there’s no way to adequately understand how good Italian food is until you’ve tasted it in a curbside café in Rome, near a 2000-year-old statue where a street musician is playing a mournful sax version of “The Way You Look Tonight.”
And the next time Pieter Broucke takes a sabbatical in Rome to write a book about the Pantheon, make sure you look him up to ask for a personal tour. I can highly recommend him as a guide, both to the Pantheon on which he is a recognized authority, and to the nearby gelato shop.
It wasn’t just the gelato that provided a religious experience.
I was raised in a small New York town filled with Italian-American Catholics. But it took being in Italy to open me to the spiritual dimension of Catholicism, all but buried beneath 2000 years of ridiculous rules and regulations.
Alessandro Gullo, our guide for five days in Umbria, proved to be not only a knowledgeable and entertaining travel companion, but also a doorway into what makes a modern Italian Catholic click. His introduction to the town of Assisi brought to life the gentle St. Francis’s love of nature and of all souls.
There was another taste of true religion waiting when I arrived in Rome on the morning of Palm Sunday. My bed-and-breakfast happened to be near St. Peter’s Square. I deposited my bags and wandered over for a look.
Though it was more than an hour after the Pope’s appearance, the square was still thronged with more than 50,000 believers. There were priests from Ireland, nuns from
Africa and the Philippines, schoolchildren from Germany, believers in wheelchairs and Mercedes. Their sense of communion with the miracles of life and death was palpable, and filled my eyes with gentle tears.

* * *

By early his month, my consulting business had slowed even further. The dollar was positively groveling at the feet of the euro. Gas was nearing $4 a gallon in Vermont and $10 a gallon in Europe.
I could wait for clients to call as I sat around my office here. Or I could give them my cellphone number in France and wait for them to call while I had another crème café in Aix-en-Provence.
In for a dime, in for a euro, I always say.
Taking up a longtime friend’s offer to come visit, I took advantage of the lower fares out of Montreal and hopped over to Marseille.
My friend and I visited a small new winery where old Grenache and Carignan vines are being brought back to life on a side road in the Cote-du-Rhone region. There, Jean-Marc and Kristin Espinasse are making tasty wines from organically grown grapes (
He’s French. She’s from Arizona and the author of the book Words in a French Life and the French word-a-day blog. Amid the gusty mistral winds, they’ve carved out a life that seemed the French equivalent of going back to the land in Vermont. Except the wine is a lot better than what you can buy in jugs at the general store.
We continued on to the hill town of Grignan, where other friends, Maurice and Genevieve, have for decades had a lavender farm. On their patio under a large plane tree, we lunched on Provencale lamb and two vegetable dishes. As tasty as those were, I have to say that the highlight was the wine Maurice so generously pulled from his cave – first a 1992 Burgundy and then a Chateauneuf-de-Pape.
My French is nonexistent. But my “Merci, Maurice, merci beaucoup!” was enthusiastically sincere.

- 30 -

Rouge-Bleu from Arizona


We were thrilled to get the first shipment and shared the 1st bottle of DRB with dear friends(she just became a Dr. and it was their 34th wedding anniversary).DRB was PERFECTLY fitting to the event! They love France and great wine especially when shared with good friends. As we drank each last drop, I was taken back to my time last OCT at DRB as we cut/smashed the grapes and what fun it was to be a part of it! I am so thankful you are realizing your dream JM (and RB!) and much courage to you in the weeks ahead!
Always in my heart! Rouge-Bleu from AZ


Jean-Marc and Kristin

Once again, it was great to meet you last month after following your adventures for the last couple of years. My daughter enjoyed the visit as well and we all loved the wine. Salut. Randy, Kathy and Lindsay


Jean-Marc and Kristin

Once again, it was great to meet you last month after following your adventures for the last couple of years. My daughter enjoyed the visit as well and we all loved the wine. Salut. Randy, Kathy and Lindsay


Well, the insult to our President made me eager to respond to let all of your friends know that I am a supporter of this President, but I also speak French (having studied in college for 3 years), adore France and the French, have a crush on Johnny Hallyday as both actor and singer, and I adore good wines. I was sorry I couldn't make it to Houston to meet you when you were there. I would love to know if you have a presence in the Dallas area so that I might try your wine. By the way, I am proud of the French for once again electing a Conservative, meaning that much of what our media said about French and American relations were strictly told from the Liberals point of view(in both countries).;-)

Elizabeth Lopez

I got my bottle of Rouge-Bleu the other day, and ever since (three days now) I've had one glass to savor each evening. I truly think it's one of the best wines I've ever had -- as well as being fun to drink and thinking of you guys as friends of mine that I've never met.

The bottle itself cost me $19 something and the shipping was $17 something. Worth every penny. I told my friend about how delicious it is and when she gets back from vacation, we're going to go together to order 6 bottles, thinking that the shipping would be comparatively less per bottle and we'll have three bottles each to savor.

I cannot thank you enough for the delicious experience not only of drinking the wine itself but for allowing me to be a part of the entire enterprise experience.

Blessings to both you and Kristin

Dave Rykard

I ordered a couple of bottles of Rouge-Bleu and found it to be quite good. Good enough to order some more, but unfortunately the distributor was out. I guess I'll have to wait for next year's wine. Congratulations to Jean-Marc and Kristin for a job well done.

Carla Drain

Hi Jean Marc-
I've been enjoying your blog and looking forward to trying your wine. In May, my husband and I moved from Dallas, Texas (where we couldn't find your wine) to Portland Oregon. After reading about your visit to Portland, we went to see Daryl at Cork wine shop, but he was out of Rouge Bleu. He finally emailed yesterday to let us know another shipment had arrived and we rode our bikes over to Cork this afternoon to buy a bottle. We got home and poured a glass and it was DELICIOUS. My husband had been hearing me talk about Rouge Bleu for months and I was a bit worried that it wouldn't be as good as I'd been anticipating. I was very pleasantly was worth the wait. We both kept sipping and mmm'ing and looking at each other and nodding our heads. We usually limit ourselves to one glass of wine each evening, except on special occasions. Tonight was a special occasion.....we just poured another glass of Rouge Bleu. Although it is very reasonably priced for the quality, we are on a strict budget and unfortunately we can't afford to drink it every day. But we do want to support someone who is passionate about following his dream so we'll let Cork know how much we enjoyed it and we'll buy a few more bottles before it's gone and we will continue to do so in the future as our finances allow. Thanks for your hard work in the vineyard. We wish you great success. With kindest regards- Carla Drain P.S.-I also loved your wife's book and enjoy her blog too.

Tim Smith

What gives me greatest pleasure is to read the enthusiastic comments about your Dentelle from people that I have been fortunate enough to ship your wine to. For me, each order is a labor of love and respect and it thrills me to know that so many others enjoy the wine as much as Phyllis and I do.

We anxiously await our first shipment of 'Mistral'!


We had some of the Dentelle last night (with a fresh salad, some
pasta with pesto and chicken). My guest said it is the best wine he has had this
year. Neither of us had ever had Dentelle before and were very impressed by the
color, taste and it was so nice to not have an over-oaked wine. Guess those
cement vats really are a great idea! I look forward to you getting a distributor in Seattle so more of your wines may be purchased locally.
You should be very proud of your work, especially since this is your first.

Ed Byczynski

Jean Marc:
Mes pensées sur la première bouteille de Dentelle que je me suis jamais ouvert:

Grand Cru!
Vous êtes un magicien.

J'attends impatiemment le Mistral.

Un copain
Ed Byczynski


Hello! I wanted you and Jean Marc to know that we have your wine on our list at Gino's now and our customers love it!!
I wish we could visit for harvest this Fall, but we have really settled into life here and won't be moving to Italy after all. We do think of you though. And I am so enjoying your website.
I wish you could be here this weekend for an end of the Sun party (it is Oregon after all) we are having at our new Mountain house. Chris and Lisa will be here! Along with all our new animals--we are starting a little fiber company.


We ordered 3 bottles of Dentelle from the Texas distributor. We gave one to a fellow wine snob, and tried one while camping a few weeks back. We have had so much California wine over the past year, that this was a refreshing, and well needed change. It reminded us that French wine is French wine and this wine was awesome. Our third bottle is tucked in our climate controlled cellar, waiting for the day when we can no longer control ourselves. Well done. Can't wait to try more vintages and blends.



Lars og Jørgen Brieghel-Müller

Dear Jean-Marc!
You were so kind to let us 'slip into' your domaine September the 3rd 2008.
What a unique experience for us!
We enjoyed listening to your ways of winemaking and your views on biodynamique, - and loved the superb wine you served.

Especially the all new bottling of Mistral.
We enjoyed it at our dinner at night in the cottage close to Nyons, and were totally carried away! Wow, this is really great stuff!
The Mistral is far better that many top Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines we have ever tasted. Filled with bunches of fruit, cassis and berries, spices, terroir - and in a perfect balance.
This bottle of Mistral stands behind as the best wine my brother and I had on our tour to Rhône.
Certainly need to make a recervation, if possible – before Mr. Parker catches eyes on you :-)

We hope the bottling went smooth Thursday during the horrible storm in the Northern Rhône.
We’ll follow your work on your blog and hope to be alowed to pay you a visit again. Looking forward to tasting your rosé....

and lots of luck to you and your familiy
from Lars and Jørgen


Jean-Marc and Kristi

Mark and I ordered a case of Dentelle from Tim in Houston, who I must say was the nicest gentleman, very cordial and helpful. We were anxious to try it again after we had originally tasted it at your "Words and Wine" tour in Phoenix earlier this year. I must say, that it was as wonderful as we remembered! Mark has been out of town alot recently and I swear that he counts the bottles before he leaves town and when he returns so I won't drink any his "nectar of the Gods" while he is gone. I wanted to bring some bottles along with us when we make plans to visit our friends in Delaware.....his comments...."That's a good reason not to visit"! Not to worry though, I don't believe his tough stance, plus, I'll be ordering another case in a few weeks!
P.S. Seriously though, Mark says that it is the best red wine that he has ever tasted! Bravo!!


Dear Jean-Marc,

We tried Dentelle Domaine Rouge-Bleu. Your wine is one of a kind and I will share that discovery with my friends.


Antoine from Houston, TX.

Angela Bell

Jean-Marc and Kristin,
We have arrived at l'Hermitage and hope to travel in your area tomorrow afternoon, after the market in Bedouin. It will be hard to give an exact time, because we are not quite sure of driving distance, if we will get a bit perdu, and what time we will start out in the morning (tres fatiguee--much empathy for Jules!. If that is not convenient for you, please don't rearrange anything for us. We will find une bouteille de Rouge-Bleu nonetheless. It is the least we can do to support a correspondence that brings so much pleasure to so many people all over the world! Our regular email is blocked at least till Monday, malheureusement, so please use to reach us si vous voulez.

En amitie (trop fatiguee de cherches les accents en ordinateur)
Angela (Bell) and Bill Davison

Angela Bell

Jean-Marc and Kristin,
We have arrived at l'Hermitage and hope to travel in your area tomorrow afternoon, after the market in Bedouin. It will be hard to give an exact time, because we are not quite sure of driving distance, if we will get a bit perdu, and what time we will start out in the morning (tres fatiguee--much empathy for Jules!. If that is not convenient for you, please don't rearrange anything for us. We will find une bouteille de Rouge-Bleu nonetheless. It is the least we can do to support a correspondence that brings so much pleasure to so many people all over the world! Our regular email is blocked at least till Monday, malheureusement, so please use to reach us si vous voulez.

En amitie (trop fatiguee de cherches les accents en ordinateur)
Angela (Bell) and Bill Davison

Esther and Gary Dalgas

Dear Jean-Marc and Kristin,

It was so nice to meet both of you and share your incredible wine at Jimmy and Lynda's home.. it was the Mistral, correct? We can hope to find it in a shop in Seattle someday, but until then, we will make a search for it in Portland when we visit there. It would be so much fun to attend one of your events in the future when you tour the West Coast again.
Ruthie is still in Paris, just having a wonderful time.

wishing you good health and a beautiful season.
Esther and Gary Dalgas


I recently moved to Kuala Lumpur. It is difficult to find good wine at a reasonable price. Taxes on wine are so high... Plz share who ordered your wine in Malaysia so I may look for it. Thank you.


F Marzolf

J'aime le vin pour les émotions qu'il provoque: gagné en ce qui concerne Rouge Bleu Dentelle qui m'a été offerte par votre oncle ! Merci et bravo pour ce nectar délicieux. François M. à Toulouse (31 France)

Jim kachik

Bonne Annee 2009, Jean-Marc!
I have had the good fortune to taste both the Dentelle and the Mistral, sharing both with friends. The wines are terrific (note the professional vintner's term here...) and the story of how I came to know of these wines is an enhancement for any dinner.
You should be proud of what you've achieved so far, and I eagerly anticipate what's surely to come.
Our very best wishes to you and your family for the coming year!

Devra Long

Bonne Nouvelle Annee Jean-Marc,
We received our order of Rouge-Bleu from Great Wine Buys in Oregon just in time to enjoy The Mistral for our 28th wedding anniversary on December 26th! It was fabulous; perfect with our lamb dinner! We knew it would be good but it exceeded our expectations! Now we look forward to trying the Dentelle!
Do you have any idea yet of your schedule for wine tastings in March-April? We are planning a trip and hope to be in New York in March.
Warmest wishes,
Devra Long

Diane Scott

Bonjour Jean-Marc!
We received the Mistral and tasted it last night as the temperature here in Tallahassee dropped to thirty degrees F. “While the weather outside was frightful,” we were warm and snug inside with your delightful wine!! I cannot describe it as a wine expert could regarding “bouquets” and “notes” (which seems to mix metaphors with plant life and music), but I can say that everything about it was perfect for us, and it does go well with the opera we were listening to. You are a genius!
Most sincerely grateful,

Nancy Allf Thomas

JM- we had our first bottle of rouge-Bleu last night- it was FABULOUS!!! Le premiere bouteille, c'est magnifique!!! Merci!!!

Ron Schott

Jean-Marc and Kristin!

What a wonderful set of Saturday evenings we've had because of your wines! Last week, we had a dinner party with the Mistral accompanying cheese hors doeuvres and a hoisin sauce and meat dish. Incroyable! Hier, we had the Dentelle with antipasta and steak. Every single guest commented on the smooth taste and how delicious it was with the antipasta.

While your wines are difficult for me to get since the closest place is New York City's Union Square, I do have a friend who walks several blocks and then brings me your selections 70 miles away. We are creating a following in our little country place as well. Hopefully, your winery's wines and vines will continue to create "vintage" memories for those who have the opportunity.

Thank you to Kristin as well for your French-Word-A-Day blog. I've been a subscriber for several years. Had it not been for your site, I never would have known or tried Rouge-Bleu. Moreover, my interest in wines began when you were posting "les mots du vin" and the processes that you and your family experience. You make me smile with the friends who help and the brush which hurts. Because of you, I am now researching and pairing wines and examining and saving labels. I love your label's colors and design especially the slight texture change with the grape leaf in the right corner. Even the description on the back of the bottles is reminiscent of when I read the creative phrases and imagery Kristin intertwines to her French word postings. To embrace the glass and to look at the wine, I am reminded of how you share and combine the hearth and home, your children, your parents (love Jules' spirit and sprite!), your friends who help, the Rouge-Bleu winery and yes, even each other. The bottle encapsulates so much more than wine.

For making a change and a difference in my interests and entertainment, merci!

Patty B

Jejan-Marc and Kristin,
We thank you so much for taking the time to introduce us to your fine wines. It was a magical day. All of the wine we purchased was greedily consumed by our French relatives and friends who absolutely loved it! Now that we have returned to the US, I look forward to purchasing and greedily consuming some more of your Rouge-Bleu! Patty


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Michael Armstrong

Bonjour Jean-Marc et Kristin: Nous étions dix à la table à Noël (toute la famille!) et nous avons servi cinq bouteilles du vin Cotes-du-Rhône. Le favori, sans exception: le Domaine Rouge-Bleu Mistral 2007 envoyé par M. Ted à Texas. Bonne continuation et bonne et heureuse année!

Michael Armstrong

Pardon, c'est bien sûr TIM à Texas!



J'étais hier à la dégustation du caveau Jack à Seattle. Ces vins sont excellents, et je suis surpris que le Dentelle 2007 ne sois pas un AOC! Il est cependant vrai que parfois cette appelation n'est pas une référence... La preuve en est que vous faites un excellent vin avec tous les soins nécéssaires. Le blog est très intéressant également, de même que les vidéos. Et encore félicitations à votre épouse pour son site French Word A Day. J'ai déjà lu son premier livre et je vais me procurer le second prochainement.



lou bogue

Bonjour, Welcome back from vacation, now it"s getting ready time for your harvest, I am letting you know, I will be checking into the hotel Saint Forent in Orange, the 18th(sun) and will ring you and see if you can use my help till the 23rd, I hope so, I am actually arriving in London the 8th, flying over to Hamburg for that weekend and then flying to Toulouse, training to Montpellier for two days, then to Avignon to pick up a auto, then a few days in Arle, then driving up to Orange if you can use me before the 18th, simply, e-mail me and I can change plans, my friends from London and Hamburg are flying into Nimes for the week-end on the 24th, to visit and see the farm and celebrate my 83rd. My best wishes for the best HARVEST yet, look forward to seeing you and meeting the family. Bonne chance LOU

lou bogue

Thanks again for allowing me to help I posted a comment on Kristen"s blog but wanted to say more and this is the only way I know, if you could ask Kristin, the next time she is in Orange, stop by the Hotel Saint Florent, at 4,rue Mazean, just around the corner from the Theatre Antique,"" and meet the young girl,Merriam who runs the place that her father owns and drop off her book,( I will pay for it)an interesting story and if you are in need of workers, her husband is very interested in having a career in wine making. Tel.04 90 34 18 53, much Bonne chance Au revoir. Lou

alicia brown

Iowa City, Iowa carries your wines at the New Pioneer Co-Op. It wasn't listed.


Comme des fumerolles à la surface du volcan, intactes et telluriques,
les effluves du terroir se retrouvent dans le vin de Jean Marc, impressionnant.

L'utilisation des commentaires est désactivée pour cette note.

Commande livrée en France


Kristi's new book !

Find all you need