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I fell in love with wine when my uncle decided to buy three vine parcels in Chateauneuf-du-Pape to re-create the family vineyard, Domaine du Banneret, which originally dates back from many centuries.

As a CPA, I initially made the financial plans for the loans and participated in the first and and all harvests. It was during this joyful epoch that I met with my future American wife, Kristin.

I started then to offer my uncle's wines to US importers and then embraced the wine world.

Now, besides Domaine du Banneret where I am also involved in the wine making, I distribute a portfolio of "boutique" french wines in the US.

In my dreams, I have often imagined that running a small vineyard just by myself would actually be a realistic project. And whereas I was not expecting it to happen, I was offered in November 2006, 25 acres of old vines with a great potential "terroir". Rouge-Bleu was born...

Besides wine, I am also in love with my family. It is composed by my wife Kristin who is the wonderful writer who created the very famous site and who gave me the idea to start my own wine blog, my son Maxime who is a fan of Zinedine Zidane and Tony Parker and my adorable daughter Jackie who can outswim us all.


Jean-Marc Espinasse