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Pat Cargill

Bonne Annee, Jean-Marc et famille! Look forward to the new wines and will be happy if your 2010 tour takes you to North Carolina, as you previously mentioned. Best wishes for a happy, healthy new year and continued success avec Domaine Rouge-Bleu. Regards, Pat Cargill

Barbara Pickens

Bonne Annee aux toutes! Cannot wait to taste the new Rose(2009) Hope our distributor will remember to send ours before it gets too hot in Texas! I also hope your 2010 tour will take you to North Carolina as we are about 2 1/2 hrs from Ashville, which is a beautiful mountain city. The weather is much cooler and there are a number of resorts and wine shops who would be glad to handle your wines. The Grove Park Inn is our favorite and Biltmore Estates! Hope all is well at Rouge-Bleu and that you will have a prosperous and healthy New Year!
Barbara and Jim Pickens

Debbie in Santa Monica

Bon Jour et Bonne Anne! I have just finished reading "Families of the Vine" by Michael Sanders and thanks to his great narrative details about vineyards and making wine, I feel I have a true appreciation now of just how difficult it is to make an exceptional wine and what a difference the old plants really make. Richard and I are going to rush out to purchase the Dentelle as we so enjoyed your Rouge-Bleu. We also look forward to seeing you again when you return to the US in March.

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