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 Devra Long

Because of the "economique crises" we will not be able to come this year for the harvest but hope that you will save us a place, peut-etre l'annee prochaine!
Warmest regards to you and Kristin,

Pat Cargill

Je suis curieux. Comment enlevez-vous le ver ? À la main? Mon grand-mère ferait ceci dans son jardin, les laissant tomber dans une bouteille d'essence. So much for my "French"! Also, I have talked w/Williams Corner Wine; they do not deliver to Roanoke, so I will drive to Charlottesville to purchase your wine. We are in the hinterlands!!
Regards, Pat


Another potential member of the "Blue men groupe" - nice to discover your blog and the picture - and the first one of a worm on the grapes:-)! They don't seem to exit in our vines here - and I do a lot of photographic research of all kind of insects in the vineyard too...

Just a question: is there a third part to having the cake and eat it in English too, like in French:-)?

Jules Greer

My Dearest Jean-Marc,

What a fabulous photo of you "BLEU'. I must frame this photo.



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